How to Host a game


Team Up users can search for and join your Discord server when you host a game. Team Up creates and manages private voice channels for the game and gives you the ability to kick or ban members from those temporary voice channels.


Step 1: Configure your matchmaking options (Optional)

configure matchmaking

Use the /config server matchmaking command Set the visibility, notification-channel, collapsible-category-name, and create-voice-channels options. Setting visibility to private will make your games limited to your server.

Step 2: Host a Game

text channel image

Use the /host command to host your game in a text channel.

Step 3: Wait for Players to Join

The game will stay active until you manually disband the game. Team Up will notify you when someone joins your game.

Step 4: Kick or Ban Players (Optional)

text channel image

Use the /kick command or /ban command to remove players from the voice channel(s) created for your current game.

Step 5: Disband the Game

text channel image

Use the /game disband command to end your game.

Step 5: Give Feedback (Optional)

text channel image

Use the dropdown menu below the message to upvote or downvote players in the game.

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