Host a Game

  1. Configure your server’s matchmaking options
    • Temporary voice channels
    • Public or private matchmaking
  2. Host a game
  3. Wait for players to join
  4. End the game
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Find a Game

  1. Search for a game
  2. Register for a notification once a game is created
  3. Register for a notification once a full matchmaking lobby has an opening
  4. Join the game
  5. Leave the game
  6. Give feedback
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Create a Leaderboard

  1. Configure server’s leaderboard
    • Default Elo
    • Server tagline
    • Server website
    • Server Discord invite
  2. Record the result of a game
  3. Get a link to the leaderboard
  4. View the Elo rating of a player or team
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Schedule a Tournament
(Coming Soon!)

  1. List the tournament
    • Game name
    • Versus
    • Entry cost
    • Player Limit
    • Start Date
    • Duration
    • Discord Invite
    • Visibility
  2. Verify the tournament is listed

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